Une étoille brille sur moi!

Une étoille brille sur moi!

I must have been dreaming





In the night blows a cool wind.

I step outside to watch the sky

Of thousands stars giving spark,

Shinning more as it is getting dark.

Many years, now, have passed by.

I must have been dreaming.


Now, the galaxy is smiling at me,

And so, my love, you do at my feel.

Whenever I see the twinkle in your eyes,

I chase away the reason of my cries.

Then, I will kiss you of my own free will.

To you, I entrust my whole destiny.


What if the universe turns to silver

And enchants our world with golden love?

I will pray this Love will never have an end,

I will pray our Passion will never bend,

I will pray, I will implore the God above,

To keep me in your arms forever.


I am a drop of bliss pouring into

The depth of your life and your heart.

There, Love is a fire which will keep burning.

Maybe, I must have been dreaming…

But from now on, never will we be apart.

To love you, always, I do!


Elove Frigas

17 Nov 2008

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